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Council OKs $1.7 Million in Subbasin Work Plans, Funding

by CBB Staff
Columbia Basin Bulletin - January 17, 2003

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council on Tuesday approved nearly $1.7 million in contracts to push forward its subbasin planning process.

The approvals of work plans and funding launched seven subbasin planning efforts, most scheduled to culminate with the submittal of plans in May 2004 that could be adopted as amendments to the Council's fish and wildlife program. The Council approvals included funding for technical support for four of the subbasin plans that are to be developed.

The Council has earmarked $15.2 million in program funding over two years for the subbasin planning process, which was launched last year with a request for recommendations to amend the program. When contracting is completed for the latest approvals, work in roughly one-third of the Columbia-Snake River basin's 62 subbasins will be under way, according to Lynn Palensky, the NWPPC's subbasin planning coordinator.

The Council authorized its executive director Steve Crow to negotiate:

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Mike O'Bryant
Council OKS $1.7 Million in Subbasin Work Plans, Funding
Columbia Basin Bulletin, January 17, 2003

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