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Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Initiates Commercial Window Program

by Stacey Hobart
Press Release, January 6, 2003

Project to focus on promoting energy-efficient windows
for commercial and multi-family buildings

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance has launched a new program that will work in partnership with window manufacturers, architects and developers to increase the market share of efficient manufactured windows in small- to medium-sized commercial buildings in the Northwest.

The commercial building sector consumes about a quarter of the electricity in the Northwest and about 28 million square feet of commercial window glazing is installed annually in the region. The program will seek to increase market share for energy-efficient products from an estimated baseline of 12% to 50% by 2005 and to 70% by 2010.

The Alliance has awarded a contract for the new commercial windows program to The West Wall Group, LLC, a Salem-based energy-efficiency consulting firm. According to Gary Curtis, president and founder of the West Wall Group, LLC, there is a great need to improve the energy efficiency of windows that are installed in today's commercial buildings.

"Many efficient window products are available from both regional and national manufacturers, but the current market share is pretty low. We will be working with the window industry to assist them in better communicating the benefits of energy-efficient windows to the commercial building sector in the Northwest." Curtis said. "By working together to make window energy efficiency a focus in the design and construction of commercial buildings, we can also improve the energy efficiency and comfort in new and existing commercial buildings," he said.

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Stacey Hobart, The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is a non-profit group of electric utilities, state governments, public interest groups and industry representatives committed to bringing affordable, energy-efficient products and services to the marketplace.
Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Initiates Commercial Window Program
Press Release, January 6, 2003

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