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Franchise Tax Board Deploys
Largest State-Owned Solar Electric Rooftop

Solar E-Clips, August 27, 2002

The California Department of General Services (DGS) and the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) today unveiled the largest state-owned solar electric rooftop installation in California at the FTB’s headquarters in Sacramento.

The 470 kW solar system – generating enough electricity during the day to power the equivalent of more than 400 homes - will supply the Franchise Tax Board with nearly half of its energy needs, reducing expensive electricity purchases from the grid during peak demand periods.

The system, which covers 50,000 square-feet of roof area, was designed, manufactured, and installed by PowerLight Corporation of Berkeley, California. “By2 deploying clean, renewable energy systems at state buildings, this Administration is preserving natural resources and contributing to the state’s energy solution,” said Aileen Adams, Secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency (SCSA).

“This installation demonstrates that solar-generated electricity is reliable, affordable, and ready to meet mainstream energy needs.”

The new solar electric system at the Franchise Tax Board headquarters will reduce the facility’s consumption of grid-generated electricity during the day – when electricity is in greatest demand and most expensive. By not relying on typical generation methods, this solar-powered installation is anticipated to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides by more than 9,000 pounds and carbon dioxide by more than 11,000 tons during its 25-year lifespan. These emissions reductions are equivalent to planting approximately 800,000 trees, removing 4,000 cars from the roadways, or not driving 50 million miles.

“The DGS is committed to reducing energy use and costs at state facilities. Onsite solar electric generation is a major component in helping us meet that goal,” added DGS Interim Director Clothilde Hewlett. “This project comes on the heels of our East End Complex project in Sacramento, which features some 5,000 solar panels to help off-set the electrical demand there.”

The SCSA and the DGS have promoted sustainable building and environmental awareness through the implementation of Governor Gray Davis’ sustainable building Executive Order (D-16-00), management of the state’s energy conservation efforts, and support of renewable energy, recycled content, and pollution control programs.

The DGS builds and maintains many of the state’s largest buildings, as well as the state’s automobile fleet. “California’s objective is to make renewable generation an even larger part of our long-term energy picture,” noted Gerald H. Goldberg, executive officer, California Franchise Tax Board.

“As an agency committed to community improvement, we’re proud that the FTB can provide responsible leadership for other governmental, commercial, and residential energy users throughout the State.” “Federal, state and local agencies are implementing energy efficient technologies to improve building performance and protect our environment,” said PowerLight President Daniel Shugar.

“Solar photovoltaics and other renewables are a reliable, cost effective way for this country to meet its energy needs while minimizing harmful emissions.”

"It's rewarding to be working with the State of California on a project that saves taxpayers’ money and is environmentally friendly. We applaud the DGS and FTB for demonstrating true civic leadership by installing solar electric generation in Sacramento,” concluded Shugar.

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and State of California shared in the funding of this solar electric system, which was installed in record time of less than six weeks. SMUD helps fund solar projects to promote renewable energy resources, and to provide a diverse energy mix to its customers who want a cleaner environment.

"Projects like this one benefit far more people than just those who work in this building," said SMUD Director Susan Patterson. "The more solar electric systems we are able to install, the less expensive they become and as a community, the less dependent we will be on conventional energy sources." In addition to this photovoltaic system, the FTB and the DGS are planning to commission an expansion of the existing solar array, as well as to install an additional photovoltaic system on a nearby Franchise Tax Board facility currently under construction in Sacramento.

Franchise Tax Board Deploys Largest State-Owned Solar Electric Rooftop
Solar E-Clips, August 27, 2002

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