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Idaho Anglers Need to Study Rulebook

by Staff
Lewiston Tribune, January 1, 2004

Idaho anglers have some new rules to play by starting today.

New fishing regulations adopted by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission include changes for the North Fork of the Clearwater River, a new opening date for catch-and-release steelhead fishing on the Clearwater River and the use of more than one fishing rod for salmon and steelhead anglers.

This summer, anglers fishing the North Fork of the Clearwater River will be allowed to keep some trout that are less than 14 inches long. The previous regulations allowed anglers to keep up to two trout per day as long as they were at least 14-inches long.

The two-trout-per-day limit remains but the length limit has been changed. Anglers will be able to keep rainbow trout and cutbow trout, a cross between cutthroat and rainbows, that are less than 14 inches but cutthroat trout still have to be at least 14 inches to keep.

The new regulations require anglers to be able to identify different trout species

The new fishing regulation pamphlet will have pictures and descriptions to make identification easier.

Salmon and steelhead anglers may now use two rods, instead of one, although a two-pole permit is required. Those who use two poles can only catch one limit of fish.

This year, catch-and-release steelhead fishing on the Clearwater River will open July 1 instead of Aug. 1. The daily bag limit for hatchery steelhead was raised permanently to three per day and 20 per season. For the past few years, the daily and seasonal bag limit for steelhead has been raised on a temporary basis.

Steelhead anglers with Idaho licenses will be able to fish the mouth of the Clearwater River on a catch-and-keep basis beginning Aug. 1. The river will open to catch-and-keep fishing from its mouth to Memorial Bridge.

The rule change, which allows a month of additional fishing, does not include the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers, where the opening of catch-and-keep fishing for hatchery steelhead remains Sept. 1. The opening date for catch-and-keep fishing on hatchery steelhead on Clearwater River above Memorial Bridge will continue to be Oct. 15.

Anglers at Elk Creek Reservoir near Elk River can keep six trout, including brook trout.

Spring Valley Reservoir near Troy has been classified as a family fishing water. Family-fishing waters have the same regulations across the state, and to make Spring Valley consistent with those regulations, the length limit on bass was removed.

Idaho Anglers Need to Study Rulebook
Lewiston Tribune, January 1, 2004

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