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Applaud Enron Restitution

by David Miller
The Columbian, July 3, 2004

I applaud the Columbian for its June 19 story, "Action against Enron sought," on the Enron energy manipulation of the West Coast in 2000-2001. Also thanks to Snohomish public utility district and U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., for uncovering the Enron tapes that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Justice Department ignored if not hid. The efforts to recover billions from Enron to reimburse ratepayers is noble, but where is the money now?

Can't criminal charges be brought against Enron CEOs Geoff Skilling and Ken Lay? Bankrupt them, not "California grandmothers." I suspect the reason FERC not only hasn't acted against Enron, but has impeded its investigation, is that the commission was hand picked by Lay and Dick Cheney. This is also probably why Cheney continues to refuse to divulge details of his secret meetings with Lay.

To those that will vote for Bush-Cheney this election, do you really enjoy getting ripped off?

David Miller, Brush Prairie
Applaud Enron Restitution
The Columbian, July 3, 2004

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