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Rewards Being Offered for Pikeminnows

by Shane Doyle
KAPP News, August 28, 2008

Fishing could become a lucrative hobby for anglers in September.

The Pacific State Marine Fisheries Commission is trying to preserve the salmon population in the Columbia and Snake River.

Rewards are being offered for anglers who catch pikeminnow. They have the ability to eat millions of young salmon each year.

The program will pay registered anglers $4 per fish up to 100 and $5 for each pikeminnow over 100. Each fish over the 400-mark will be paid $8 per fish. There are even hundreds of pikeminnow in the basin with special tags worth $500 each to lucky anglers. As an added bonus, each week in September one lucky fisherman will win a $2,000 prize.

For further details on the regular program rules, the special prize rules, plus pikeminnow fishing tips, and registration site locations, please visit

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Shane Doyle
Rewards Being Offered for Pikeminnows
KAPP News, August 28, 2008

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