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Energy Saving Software

by Staff
Green Energy News - January 13, 2002

Most new computers come with a feature - often known by the name Energy Star - that can be used to shut-off or power-down the machine if it's not used for extended periods. But according to software maker EZConserve, studies have shown that as many as 75 percent of computer users disable this feature.

U.S. businesses could be wasting $1.6 billion per year for electricity used to power computers that are left on, but idle. The Federal Government could be spending/wasting an equal amount. (Almost enough money to pay for the war in Afghanistan. Or a healthy down payment on rebuilding the country for that matter.)

EZConserve is now testing its software known as Surveyor with the City of Portland, Oregon and in the Portland Public Schools. Surveyor works by monitoring the power management settings of an organization's networked PCs. Computers that are out of compliance with an organization's energy management policy (left on after working hours) can be shut down or sent into sleep mode. Surveyor also keeps track of energy usage and cost savings.

After testing, EZConserve plans to begin offering Surveyor to North American markets later this year.

Energy Saving Software
Green Energy News January 13, 2002

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