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Anglers Allowed Two More Days
of Fishing for Spring Chinook

by Terry Otto
The Columbian, April 19, 2019

(Dick Borneman) A spring chinook caught in early March 2009 near the upper end of Bachelor Island State fisheries managers have once again reopened fishing for spring Chinook on the Columbia River for two days. Chinook retention will be allowed this Saturday and Sunday within the season structure set earlier this year.

"With updated catch estimates still well below the expected harvest numbers, we feel comfortable reopening this section of river for another round of weekend fishing," said Bill Tweit, the special assistant with the Washington Department of Fish in a news release. "Water levels are still high but are starting to stabilize, which may provide improved fishing opportunity."

The season was reopened for two days last weekend, but river conditions were such that very few fish were caught. The initial season closed April 11.

Once again, the fishery will be open from Warrior Rock to Beacon Rock for boats, and up to the Bonneville Dam deadline for bank anglers. Anglers will be allowed to retain one adipose-fin clipped hatchery Chinook and steelhead a day, or two steelhead.

Fishery managers from Washington and Oregon made the decision after reviewing additional information collected from creel surveys in the recreational fishery.

The Columbia River from Bonneville Dam to McNary remains open for Chinook until May 5. Barbless hooks are required for all salmon and steelhead fishing in the mainstem Columbia River.

Terry Otto
Anglers Allowed Two More Days of Fishing for Spring Chinook
The Columbian, April 19, 2019

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