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Energy Efficient Home Tips

by Staff
iFloor, July 2010

Making your home more energy efficient can save money, help save the Earth, and potentially create a more comfortable home. There are many ways to achieve an energy efficient home; some are small things like turning off lights when you leave a room, while others can be a big project like installing solar panels. No matter the size, each and every step you take toward energy efficiency will pay off for you, society and the environment.

  1. Energy Efficient Appliances: Using appliances with an energy star sticker on them can help you save on your electric bill while helping to save the planet.

  2. Putting your computer into standby mode, or turning it off: Energy saving ideas for PCs.

  3. Reducing electricity used in the summer In the winter: Turn off lights, use the clothes dryer less and turn down the AC to reduce electric costs.

  4. Utilizing a renewable source of energy: Solar and wind power are great sources of renewable energy.

  5. Insulating: Reduce heating and cooling costs with proper insulation.

  6. Energy Efficient Windows: Energy efficiency in windows is determined by climate find out where you stand.

  7. Weatherstripping & Caulking: Small cracks in doors and windows can lead to a 30% loss in warm or cool air.

  8. Energy Efficient Lighting: Cut energy bills fast with new lighting technologies.

  9. Energy Efficient Heating: Efficiency technologies convert their energy sources into useful heat.

  10. Energy Efficient Thermostats: Programmable thermostats can cut heating and cooling costs up to 25%.

  11. Energy Efficient Flooring: Radiant floors are used as the primary heating system in the home.

  12. Energy Efficient Roofs: Use cool roof materials for energy efficiency.

  13. Reduce the amount of water used: Conserve water by taking shorter showers, install a more energy efficient shower head and fix leaky faucets.

  14. Reduce drafts from pipes by spraying foam, or caulking: Sealing openings around pipes will reduce energy costs.

  15. Put curtains over windows to keep cold/heat out: Use window shading to save energy.

  16. Close the fireplace damper: When not using your fireplace close the damper and install glass doors to reduce energy waste.

Energy Efficient Home Tips
iFloor, July 2010

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