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Strong Wind Gusts Prove Challenging
for Boats on Columbia River

by Staff
KATU, January 27, 2022

A grain barge from marine shipping company Tidewater got stuck in the sand off of McGuire Island in the Columbia River on Thursday morning. TROUTDALE, Ore. -- Strong wind caused problems for vessels on the Columbia River on Thursday, with peak gusts expected near 80 mph at Crown Point.

Early Thursday morning, Tidewater Transportation said four of its barges ran aground near McGuire Island because of the heavy wind. The company has two tugboats working to move the barges - one empty while three are filled with grain.

"At this time, the lead grain barge in the tow has sustained hull damage but is stable and being evaluated," Tidewater said. "No injuries were reported. There is no threat of pollution."

KATU also saw several small boats that ended up stuck on some pilings near Chinook Landing.

The sheriff’s office marine units went out to help the boaters, who reportedly refused assistance.

Forecasters say the strong wind gusts could knock over trashcans and small trees from the western Columbia Gorge out to the Troutdale/Washougal area along the river.

Our helicopter saw other vessels getting assistance from tug boats on Thursday.

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Strong Wind Gusts Prove Challenging for Boats on Columbia River
KATU, January 27, 2022

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