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Dams Provide Quality of Life

Tom Flint, Ephrata
Seattle Times, December 10, 1999

Editor, The Times:

As we enter the 21st century, there will be recognition of major achievements over the past 100 years. I would like to include dams, hydropower, agriculture and forestry, which individually and collectively have reduced global warming, air pollution and the effects of greenhouse gases and hydrocarbons.

This all happens with the clean and renewable help from Mother Nature and the hydrologic cycle. Only these types of projects can clean and purify our environment on a large scale and provide the renewable resources that we all use.

We need to protect these large projects that provide ecological and economic benefits, and the renewable resources that they produce that affect our quality of life. We need to defend and protect dams on the Snake and Columbia rivers.

Tom Flint, Ephrata
Dams Provide Quality of Life
Seattle Times, December 10, 1999

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