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Coast Guard Responds to Boat
Sinking on the Columbia River

by Staff
The Chronicle, September 17, 2013

Coast Guard responds to sinking boat. From the U.S. Coast Guard -- Pollution response crews responded to a partially submerged and grounded 26-foot pleasure boat with an unknown amount of fuel on board north of Kelley Point on the Columbia River yesterday.

Coast Guard Sector Columbia River incident management division personnel are coordinated the response to the vessel, including contracting responders to address and remove any pollution threat to the maritime environment.

Coast Guard Station Portland was alerted to the incident through a cell phone call and launched 25-foot response boat -- small crew to assist a boat reportedly taking on water. Upon arriving on scene, the RB-S crew found a cabin cruiser partially submerged and adrift with no persons on board.

A nearby third party informed the Coast Guard that the private boat was reportedly being towed when it started taking on water and was abandoned by the owner. The owner was tracked to North Portland Harbor, where he was made aware of his responsibilities for addressing the situation.

The owner assured responders that he would address the situation, however, due to the lack of immediate response to a potential pollution incident; the Coast Guard federalized the response and contracted Fred Devine Diving and Salvage to ensure a proper clean up of any pollution from the vessel.

The vessel initially drifted north on the Columbia River, before it grounded on the Oregon side outside of the navigation channel.

There was minor pollution sheening reportedly coming from the vessel, however, the owner reported there was no fuel on board the boat.

Coast Guard Responds to Boat Sinking on the Columbia River
The Chronicle, September 17, 2013

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