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Benton PUD and Franklin PUD Join Coalition

by Carly Kennelly
KVEWTV .com, September 30, 2005

Group targeting the Bonneville Power Administration

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana have created the Northwest Coaltion for Affordable Power. It consists of Benton and Franklin PUD's, local governments, organizations, and businesses all wanting the Bonneville Power Administration to offer a cheaper power rate to utilities. The coalition is asking power supplier to lower the current $31 per megawatthour to $27 per megawatthour for 2007.

"We had the big energy crisis back in 2000, 2001, we all feel here in the Pacific Northwest, that we can get those power rates lower," said Debbie Bone-Harris with Franklin PUD.

Franklin PUD believes BPA can accomplish the rate adjustment by cutting some of its expired programs and by making salmon recovery more efficient. These are all programs homeowners pay for in their bills.

"Fish and salmon need recovery and savings by all means but we want to do it at an equitable price not at $60,000 a fish," said Bone Harris.

Franklin PUD says it's the Bonneville Power Administration's duty to look at cutting costs.

"We want to be fair and equitable to everyone, but Bonneville was created to support public power," said Bone-Harris.

The Northwest Coalition for Affordable Power will meet with the BPA in November when the administration looks at adjusting rates. The BPA could raise its power rate to as high as $39 per megawatthour. If the rate is lowered, utilities say home power bills could drop as well.

Carly Kennelly
Benton PUD and Franklin PUD Join Coalition
KVEWTV .com, November 24, 2005

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