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Big and (?) Bigger

Lynn Francisco
Con.Web, December 20, 2002

Proposed Northwest Wind Turbine Plant 'On Hold,' Vestas Announces

FPL Energy Seeks Oregon Approval to Expand Stateline to 484 MW FPL Energy has asked the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council to approve construction of another 279 turbines at its Stateline Wind Energy Center, an expansion that would bring the project's total capacity to 484 MW.

This potential addition to what is already the nation's largest individual wind farm would likely be completed by 2005. Stateline now consists of 454 wind turbines with 300 MW capacity along the Washington-Oregon border southwest of Walla Walla, WA; 55 recently installed turbines raised the capacity from 263 MW. The 279 new turbines would be sited on the Oregon side.

Expansion Plans
Under its current permits Stateline can generate up to 300 MW, all of which has been sold to PacifiCorp Power Marketing.

FPL Energy spokeswoman Anne Walsh said the success of the project persuaded the developer to expand the site. But neither FPL nor PPM representatives would confirm the Portland-based power marketing firm has agreed to buy the additional output, if it becomes available.

"We have no firm commitment at this time to purchase beyond what we have, but of course, we're interested in further wind development, if the economics work out," said PPM spokeswoman Jan Johnson. PPM has been "very happy" with the market response to the existing 300 MW capacity, which has nearly sold out, added Johnson. PPM sells output from 100 MW to Seattle City Light (with future escalations), 90 MW to BPA and 25 MW to Eugene Water and Electric Board, as well as smaller amounts to other utilities.

The additional turbines would rise in three clusters of turbine strings, all on private land, according to an Oregon Office of Energy summary. FPL also proposes to build an 8.5-mile overhead 115-kilovolt transmission line and a new substation, which would connect to transmission lines in Washington. All the new facilities, including roads, would occupy about 75 acres, most of which is wheat land or otherwise developed.

The Oregon siting council took comments on the proposal until Dec. 20. John White of the Oregon Office of Energy said he didn't expect a decision on the permit until April, at the earliest. No public comments and no adverse reactions from government agencies had been received as of Dec. 17, White said. If the permit is granted, FPL Energy said it would complete construction by 2005.

Lynn Francisco
Big and (?) Bigger
Con.Web - December 20, 1998

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