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Act Now, Before Salmon
Run Out of 'Good' Years

by Cathy Nuxoll, Boise
Idaho Statesman, July 30, 2008

(Mark Harrison/Seattle Times) Sockeye salmon pass through the Ballard Locks. Sockeye runs have hit historic post-dam-construction highs this summer in the Columbia and Snake rivers The Statesman's recent editorial titled "Sockeye deserve our best fight" sheds light on how important sockeye salmon are to Idaho, and how close we've come to almost losing the red fish of Redfish Lake. While we see an unusually high return of sockeye salmon over Lower Granite Dam, it is our duty to not lose sight of the crisis still at hand.

Idaho's wild salmon remain in great danger. Although to some this year's high numbers of sockeye passing into Idaho may signal the revitalization of the fish in the state, restoration of wild salmon to sustainable, steady populations is still a ways out.

The federal government must take this year's high returns as an opportunity to take meaningful action to restore the sockeye salmon that are so important to our state's natural environment and economy. We must discuss every possible solution - even removing four harmful dams on the lower Snake River - for saving our wild salmon before we run out of "good" years like this one.

Cathy Nuxoll, Boise
Act Now, Before Salmon Run Out of 'Good' Years
Idaho Statesman, July 30, 2008

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