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McNary Model Contracts Awarded

by Staff
BPA's Journal, August 2002

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded contracts totaling $750,000 to four manufactures of hydroelectric turbines. Under the contracts, the firms will build models of turbines they propose for upgrading the powerhouse at McNary Dam. The Corps will select one of the models by January 2004 for full-scale production and later installation at McNary Dam, according to Mike Berger, BPA project representative. BPA is funding the project.

"Estimates are that the project could increase electrical output by 15 percent under average water conditions if we install a full complement of 14 modernized turbines," Berger said.

The models will be tested for efficiency and effects on juvenile salmon survival. The first changeout would occur in 2006 under the current schedule. No significant investments to improve the efficiency of the turbines have been made since they began operating in 1957.

McNary Model Contracts Awarded
BPA's Journal, August 2002

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