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Men Cited In Fish Scam

by Staff
Fox 12 News, May 6, 2008

(Oregon State Police photo) 88 Northern Pikeminnow and one catfish that were stored in a wire underwater trap THE DALLES, Ore. -- Police cited two men after serving a search warrant and finding they were hoarding fish illegally in order to scam money from a government program, officers said.

Oregon State Police found Reggie Dawson, 56, with 88 live Northern Pikeminnow and one catfish stored in a wire trap that held the fish in the water at Dawson's rented boathouse in The Dalles Marina.

The search warrant also led to John Brown, 46. Both men were cited for unlawful holding of fish without a permit and attempted theft by deception.

Northern Pikeminnow are part of a reward program where fishermen are paid for their capture but only if caught under a specific set of guidelines.

The fishermen must register each day that they plan on participating in the program and only turn in fish that were caught that day, police said.

The angler is paid $4 per fish for the first 100 fish caught and turned in for the season, $5 per fish after 100 and up to 400 fish and $8 per fish for any fish caught in excess of 400 fish.

Northern Pikeminnow are voracious predators and responsible for eating a significant number of downstream migrating salmon, which led to the payment program, police said.

The 2008 Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Fishery program began May 5 and will run for about five months.

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Men Cited In Fish Scam
Fox 12 News, May 6, 2008

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