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Senator Bashing President's Budget

by Rick Jackson
Capital Press, February 24, 2006

Recently I picked up a copy of your paper at the World Ag Expo in the Central Valley of California. Since I am not a subscriber I thought I would take a look at it.

As I was looking through it, the first thing I see is an excerpt of Sen. Diane Feinstein's reaction to Presidents Bush's budget proposal.

The title of the column was "Bush budget out of step with nation." The title should have read "Bush budget rewards worthy states."

I don't know if you sell a lot of papers in the conservative central valley, but people need to realize that Democrats in California do not like agriculture no matter what they say.

All Sen. Feinstein did was bash President Bush, while trying to kiss up to farmers like she's on our side. Give me a break; the Democrats are the ones that have run this state into the ground.

They are the ones that have been in chargeof it. How could anyone in any position reward a state that is partisan, anti-business, anti-agriculture and have schools that are failing.

Hey folks, when Sen. Feinstein acts like she cares about you and wants more money for ecological restoration (less ag land) and better levees (especially since Katrina) she is just trying to get votes by bashing your president. Sen. Feinstein, why don't you work with the president on other issues so he might have a reason to help with our levees? You almost never help him, why should he help you? If you really care about California water, why don't you propose about five brand new dams somewhere? Oh wait, I know, you're just a typical selfish California Democrat who will demagogue anything to anybody at anytime, just to stay in power and push a socialist agenda.

Sorry I asked.

Rick Jackson, Kingsburg, Calif.
Senator Bashing President's Budget
Capital Press, February 24, 2006

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